Smokey Brown Cockroaches

Smokey Brown Cockroaches are very common in and all-around Houston. These roaches thrive in areas where there is a lot of moisture and they can be easily identified by their dark brown, almost black coloration. And as if their size wasn’t intimidating enough when you see them, just wait until you see them fly! They’re strong fliers as well.
Smokey Brown Roaches are found generally in areas with a high moisture content. Around the home, you will find them in mulch beds, brush piles in the yard, nesting in holes of trees, or even in the garage where it is generally a lot cooler than outside. Smokey Brown Roaches are primarily an outside pest but can enter the home in search of food and water through several access points that are common for pests to enter. Some of these entry points are areas such as underneath doors, plumbing penetrations from the exterior, weep holes, and even from the attic through attic or soffit vents.

Smokey Brown Roaches eat a variety of things. They can be scavengers feeding on what may be left over in our garbage, or they may eat other insects, as well as a large part of their diet that consists of vegetation. They are opportunistic and will make sure to feed on whatever is necessary to survive.


Preventive Pest Control Will Eliminate Smokey Brown Roaches

It is important to eliminate a Smokey Brown Roach infestation once your notice them; whether they be inside or outside your home. They can harbor in areas of filth, so they will always be transmitters of disease and bacteria. Smokey Brown Roaches will reproduce at an alarming rate in ideal circumstances as well. A single female Smokey Brown Roach will produce as many as 200 eggs in her short lifetime of just over three months!


Preventive Pest Control’s 6-foot Roach Control Barrier that we put around your home with our power sprayer will immediately begin to eliminate your Smokey Brown Roach problem. As these roaches travel where we have applied our barrier, you will quickly begin to see them “belly up” around your home. Along with our 6-foot Roach Barrier, we will also inspect and treat other possible entry points inside and outside where Smokey Brown Roaches may find easy access to the interior of your home. Preventive Pest Control’s regular maintenance program will ensure that you no longer have to deal with unwanted roach activity inside and outside of your home.

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