Pests to Watch Out for in the Fall

Posted on September 21st, by dwadmin in Houston, Pest Control, TX.

Just like people, pests are looking for shelter and warmth when the temperatures dip down low.  If you are not careful, you will end up with a slew of pests laying claim to your living space this fall and winter.  Here is a quick look at the different types of pests to look out...Read More

Why Are Mosquitoes So Bad in the Summer?

Posted on September 6th, by dwadmin in Houston, Pest Control, TX.

Mosquitoes are a major problem for most people across the globe in the summer months.  Though most people are aware of this fact, the average person does not understand why mosquitoes are such a problem when the temperatures are high and the days are long.  Here is an in-depth look at why mosquitoes are...Read More

What Do I Need to Know About Asian Cockroaches?

Posted on August 15th, by dwadmin in Houston, Pest Control, TX.

What are Asian Cockroaches? In the 80’s, pest control companies began having trouble exterminating the common German cockroach. These roaches didn’t behave like they should: they didn’t scuttle away when you turned on a light. They seemed to stalk people in their homes. And, worst of all, they flew around like crazy! These new...Read More

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