Consistent Pest Control – A Luxury or a Necessity?

Posted on February 24th, by Preventive Pest in Houston, Pest Control, TX.

Who hasn’t come across the occasional roach in their home and chased it down with a can of Raid or a rolled-up newspaper? While those are certainly great options for killing that one bug, do you really have the time or energy to chase down every roach that you come across? Do you really...Read More

What You Need to Know About Rodents in Houston

Posted on February 13th, by Preventive Pest in Houston, Pest Control, TX.

Even though it’s not uncommon to encounter a rodent at one point in the average Houston home, finding just one rat in your own home can be extremely off-putting. If you have had one of these such unpleasant encounters, here are a few things you should know about rodents in Houston: Mice & Rats...Read More

Take Immediate Action If Wasps Are In Your Home

Posted on August 20th, by Preventive Pest in Houston, Pest Control, TX.

If wasps have moved into your home, it is time to take action. Let the wasps remain and they will become an absolute nightmare. Wasps can cause significant damage to the interior and exterior of your living space. Furthermore, wasps have painful stings that will prove more than just a mere annoyance, especially if...Read More

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