A Checklist to Keep Your Home Rodent-Free

Posted on January 20th, by dwadmin in Houston, Pest Control, TX.

Now that the temperatures have dipped, there is a good chance rodents will attempt to claim your living space as their own. You have the power to prevent a rodent infestation. Follow the rodent prevention checklist as detailed below to help keep your home rodent-free.   Add and Check Door Sweeps Rodents are small...Read More

How to Tell if You Have Mice

Posted on January 5th, by dwadmin in Houston, Pest Control, TX.

Your house or business might have mice, but you probably won’t know it until you spot droppings or hear scurrying along the walls. Mice are a major problem as they can cause significant damage to your home and leave you with an egregiously high repair bill. Mice are looking for three things every home...Read More

The Damage Rodents Can Do to Your Home

Posted on December 20th, by dwadmin in Houston, Pest Control, TX.

Most people will agree that rodents are ugly and disgusting. Aside from aesthetics and cleanliness issues, rodents also present problems in that they can inflict considerable damage to your home. The longer rodents remain in your living space, the more likely they are to wreak havoc. If you suspect even one rodent has found...Read More

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