Preventive Pest Control Collaborates with Chemists at Bayer to Provide Service to Needy Villages in Uganda

Posted on September 6th, by dwadmin in Houston, Pest Control, TX.

Preventive Pest Control teams up with the chemists at Bayer to provide pesticides to needy villages in Uganda, and protect their homes in the same way that homes in Las Vegas are protected from desert insects. Read More

When You Should Worry About Wasps

Posted on March 7th, by dwadmin in Houston, Pest Control, TX.

With spring showers come May flowers, and with that comes wasps! The familiar buzzing of a flying insect could be anything from a fly to a bumblebee to a wasp. So, you need to pay close attention and identify the insects are flying around your home. Certain pests, such as wasps, should be taken...Read More

Common Pests that Pop Up During Spring Time

Posted on February 21st, by dwadmin in Houston, Pest Control, TX.

April showers bring May flowers.. and spring pests! Spring is a beautiful season where the weather starts to warm up, accompanied by spring showers, which both bring on a slew of pests that you should prepare for! The changing weather acts as an open invitation for spring pests to make their way into our...Read More

Signs of Ant Infestation

Posted on February 9th, by dwadmin in Houston, Pest Control, TX.

When you see an ant or two in your home or office, it’s not usually something that raises an internal alarm. Ants are small and can make their way inside, so most people think it’s not a big deal – but seeing just one ant can indicate that you are on your way to...Read More

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