Pasadena Pest Control


With both the northern and southern tips of the city sitting on bodies of water, Pasadena, TX is at risk for pest infestation throughout the spring and summer months. Residents especially need to watch out for mosquitos and termites, both of which are going to spread prolifically throughout the warmer months.

Formosan Termites are causing major problems in the areas around the Houston Ship Channel, and Pasadena is no exception. The pests make their way into your home or business and are harder to eliminate than normal termites as their homes are very difficult to remove from the walls. Preventive Pest Control has started using infrared technology to more quickly and efficiently locate the consolidations of Formosan Termites in different buildings, quickly eliminating them before they can cause severe damage.

Mosquitos will also be a major pain in Pasadena as they will look to breed and nest in the standing water throughout the area. The insects will be outside during the day and look to come into your homes on the cooler nights as they seek heat. Preventive Pest Control can help with both of these annoying pests and more!

Preventive Pest Control is fully equipped to take on any type of Pasadena pest control job, whether it be to inspect, prevent or remove pests. We even offer a free inspection to make sure that you can rest easy knowing that your potential pest problem is in the right hands.

Preventive Pest Control will deliver the necessary quality and care to ensure that your home or business is free from all pests. We use a 3 Barrier System to build the best defense against bugs on the outside of your home, with additional indoor treatment available if needed.

Our preventive maintenance program adapts to meet whichever type of insect you are dealing with, providing you with pest elimination, shield protection, damage prevention, and a 100 percent service satisfaction guarantee.

We are so confident in our services that if during any given month you are living with inordinate pest problems, despite giving Preventive Pest Control opportunities to manage them, you will be credited or refunded 100 percent of your last bi-monthly service fee until the problem is properly addressed.

Preventive Pest Control prides itself on over 12 years of experience in the industry, working to build and maintain a loyal client base in and around the Pasadena area. With fast, effective service and affordable pest control service prices, our team is ready to add you to the ever-growing Preventive Pest Control family.

Why wait for a pest problem to come to you?  Find out how Preventive Pest Control can tackle your Pasadena pest control needs and keep insect or rodent problems from happening today!

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