The Pests Most Likely to Invade Your Home This Summer

Posted on June 24th, by Preventive Pest in Houston, Pest Control, TX.

There is a common misconception that bugs, rodents, and other pests invade living spaces in the winter more frequently than the summer. Though pests are certainly looking for warm spaces in the winter, they are also on the prowl for shelter and food when the temperatures rise. Below, we provide a look at the...Read More

DIY Tips to Prevent Pests From Accessing Your Pantry

Posted on June 10th, by Preventive Pest in Houston, Pest Control, TX.

If pests make their way into your pantry, you are in for a nightmare. The last thing you need is for ants, roaches, silverfish, waterbugs or other pests to infiltrate your cereal boxes and other tasty delights. You should be able to open the boxes containing your favorite foods without fear that pests have...Read More

Why Every Home Needs An Annual Termite Inspection

Posted on May 30th, by Preventive Pest in Houston, Pest Control, TX.

The average homeowner assumes his or her property is termite-free simply because termites are rarely or never seen. The sad truth is plenty of properties have termites and the property owners have no idea their most valuable possession (the house itself) is gradually wearing away. Even if you are absolutely certain your home does...Read More

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