Hot, humid, and swarming with mosquitoes – does this sound like your typical day outside during summer in Houston? At Preventive Pest Control, we hope to eliminate the mosquito factor in that equation.


Houston houses over 50 species of mosquitoes and this population contributes to a large amount of mosquito-borne illnesses and diseases transferred to humans, like the Zika virus, west nile virus, and malaria to name a few. It may surprise you to know that male and female mosquitoes feed on plant nectar, fruit juices and liquids from plants, so they don’t need blood to survive. Female mosquitoes are really to blame for those awful bites we get after spending the day outside as they need to feed on blood in order to develop their eggs. Once a female mosquito gets her blood meal, all she needs is a shallow source of water to lay their eggs in and within a few days the cycle begins again. With Preventive Pest Control’s mosquito service in place, you can enjoy being outside with your family again.


With Houston being a humid, subtropical climate, it has the perfect environment for these pests to flourish in abundance. This is why so many mosquito pest control services are in high demand. The main reason mosquitoes are so dangerous is because they carry diseases and parasites that can be passed from animal to human, like the cat tapeworm and yellow fever.


Our mosquito misting program targets areas where mosquitoes hide during the heat of the day. Mosquitoes will nest in areas such as the under side of leaves in bushes and trees, shaded areas on your home or behind landscaping, as well as any items stacked or piled up in your yard to avoid the direct sunlight of the day. Our service technicians will target these areas with our backpack mister blowers that use a product to knock mosquitoes down as they look to nest during the day. Mosquito reduction can usually be detected within a few days.

Our backpack mister service compliments perfectly any broadcast mosquito application applied by neighborhood associations or municipalities. Broadcast applications have no residual affect (effectiveness beyond one day), but can be highly effective at the moment of application to eliminate mosquitoes that are foraging in the evening. The mosquitoes we target with our backpack mister application is targeting the family of mosquitoes that are carriers of the Zika virus (Aedes Egypti, Aedes Albopictus). These types of mosquitoes primarily feed on humans, so their natural nesting areas are those in close proximity to our homes.

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The most dangerous mosquitoes in Houston are the following:

The Aedes Aegyptii

This awful mosquito is the primary carrier of the Zika virus.

The Asian Tiger Mosquito

These are the vampires of mosquitoes since they feed from dusk til dawn and spread diseases to their hosts, like West Nile virus, dengue, and yellow fever. Since they thrive in standing water it’s important to keep your yard clean and dry to prevent eggs from being laid.

The Culex Pipiens

These mosquitoes like feeding on sugar sources and the females will feed on the blood of birds and humans to develop their eggs. They contribute to spreading meningitis, encephalitis and diseases birds might be carrying to humans.

The Anopheles Quadrimaculatus

These malaria carrying blood suckers are also potential transmitters of canine heartworms.