American Cockroaches can be up to 3 inches long!  They are usually a reddish brown color and there is a yellow band outlined behind their head.

As big as they are, American Cockroaches are able to fly!  Who’s got time for flying roaches in or around their house?  They will normally nest outdoors, but they will also wander into homes under doors not properly sealed, through plumbing lines coming into homes, or other areas not properly sealed from the outside.

American Cockroaches favor nesting sites that are warm and damp.  Flowerbeds, piles of leaves or debris in your yard, or under mulch are ideal areas for them to nest.  Already this year we have found infestations in attics, as well as around AC units and water heaters. When they do find themselves inside your home, they are usually found in kitchens and bathrooms because they can find a moisture source there.



Most American Cockroaches are not difficult for Preventive Pest Control to take care of, but they usually require an ongoing treatment program to successfully maintain control.   Our first priority is to inspect and try to determine what factors are contributing to them being a problem in the first place.  Our trained technicians will help point out areas that may be a conducive condition for them being around your home.  The 6-FOOT ROACH BARRIER we place around your home with our power spray is an immediate defense to keep these roaches from getting into your home.

Treating other access points directly such as weep holes and other points of entry outside where plumbing or other lines come into your home will stop these roaches from getting as soon as we can get out to you!  Other options that our technicians will be prepared to treat for American Roaches include using different baits that these roaches are attracted to, as well as using an insecticide dust that has a long residual in areas out of sight to us.


Our technicians will also inspect and treat inside your home where any problem areas may be seen.  Areas such as underneath the kitchen and bathrooms sinks or where evidence of American Cockroach activity is seen will be addressed.

Don’t let an American Cockroach situation go untreated!  All Cockroaches can spread bacteria and disease to areas that we come in contact with every day.  Call Preventive Pest Control and have our licensed technicians take care of your home to give you peace of mind today!

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