At Preventive Pest Control we don’t just limit ourselves to knowing and providing great services for pest control maintenance. We also know how pests in Houston behave, what to anticipate before they do become a problem, and what our next move should be to ensure pests do not overrun your home or business.

Houston is one of the most popular homes for mosquitos, fleas, ticks, silverfish, cockroaches, bees, ants, mice, and rats. Not only do these awful insects and pests invade your home or office, but they also attack your pets, making their home a long-term meal as well. That’s why expert pest control is so important to have for your home and business.

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Why wait for a pest problem to come to you? Our team of Houston pest control experts is ready to help you with all of your insect control and rodent control needs. Find out how Preventive Pest Control can stop pest problems from happening today!


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Our 3 Barrier System

Our 3 Barrier System consists of 3 Zones of Application.
1st Layer – 6 Feet Bug Barrier – Power Spray: 2 Feet Up To House, 4 Feet Out Into Yard,
2nd Layer – 15-20 Feet Granulation of Yard, 3rd Layer – Sweeping The Eaves

Inside treatment if needed
Pest Control Zones