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Houston is one of the nation’s most diverse cities, and that’s not just people. The weather, the geography, and the population make southeast Texas a great place for all kinds of pests, whether it be insects or rodents. The experts at Preventive Pest Control have seen it all, however, and our team has been servicing the area with professional pest control for over 12 years. Whether it’s mosquitos, spiders, and ants in the summer, or mice and rats in the winter, Preventive Pest Control is ready to help you eliminate pests in your home or business.

Why wait for a pest problem to come to you? Contact our team of pest control experts and let us help you with your commercial or residential pest control today!

Our 3 Barrier System

Our 3 Barrier System consists of 3 Zones of Application.
1st Layer – 6 Feet Bug Barrier – Power Spray: 2 Feet Up To House, 4 Feet Out Into Yard,
2nd Layer – 15-20 Feet Granulation of Yard, 3rd Layer – Sweeping The Eaves

Inside treatment if needed
Pest Control Zones