Porter Pest Control

Porter, TX sits on the northside of The Greater Houston area, but that doesn’t mean the same pests can’t make their way up there. Porter needs to be prepared for mosquitos and cockroaches throughout the spring and summer, taking advantage of the hot and humid conditions.

Mosquitos will be nesting in standing water throughout Porter and will their numbers will soon explode as the summer gets into full swing. Preventive Pest Control has seen first-hand the problems that these pests can cause, and our experts are no strangers to taking care of Porter insects.

Cockroaches may also begin to make moves into homes and businesses as they are trying to find a break from the heat outside. Cockroaches will be looking to find cooler areas that have more moisture than somewhere that may be dry and hot.

And as always, Porter will see more spiders as other insects increase in number and spread. Preventive Pest sees infestations every year that could have been easily prevented with proper and timely treatment.

City Loaction Preventive Pest Control Houston
City Loaction Preventive Pest Control Houston

Preventive Pest Control is fully equipped to take on any type of Porter pest control job, whether it be to inspect, prevent or remove pests. We even offer a free inspection to make sure that you can rest easy knowing that your potential pest problem is in the right hands.



Preventive Pest Control will deliver the necessary quality and care to ensure that your home or business is free from all pests. We use a 3 Barrier System to build the best defense against bugs on the outside of your home, with additional indoor treatment available if needed.

Preventive Maintenance

Our preventive maintenance program adapts to meet whichever type of insect you are dealing with, providing you with pest elimination, shield protection, damage prevention, and a 100 percent service satisfaction guarantee.

We are so confident in our services that if during any given month you are living with inordinate pest problems, despite giving Preventive Pest Control opportunities to manage them, you will be credited or refunded 100 percent of your last bi-monthly service fee until the problem is properly addressed.

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